Defensive Play Feature of Close Contests in Mid-West

Coach Earl Brown's Varsity basketball team dropped five games in five starts on its vacation trip to the mid west, but the Crimson team was no pushover for any one of the top-ranking squads it met.

Every contest was featured by tight defensive rather than offensive play on both sides, keeping scores down to the minimum. The Harvard team averaged a little more than 33 points a game, with Joe Romano and Chick Lutz taking care of almost half of the team's total of 18 points.

Against every one of its five opponents, Harvard usually built up a slight lead or remained even for the first half but then seemed to lose its touch in the second half when the scoring really counted.

Bradley Tech Wins Close One

By far the most exciting game was the 48 to 44 loss to Bradley Tech, one of the best teams in the country. The Crimson trailed 24 to 19 at the half, but some brilliant sharp shooting by Lutz scored nine quick points to lead a rally which tied the game at 44 to 44 with only two minutes to go. But two last minute field goals by Ramsey and Hansen clinched the game for the westerners.


In the other four games, Harvard lost to Detroit, 37 to 32; Michigan State, 39 to 28; Illinois. 39 to 33; and Notre Dame, 39 to 31.

The last game, with Notre Dame at South Bend Saturday, was the one all to win, being pitted against his former coach, George E. Keogan. Harvard led three times in the first half of this game and pulled up to within one point of the Irish in the second half when the score stood at 23 to 22 in the first eight minutes of play, but that was the end of the Crimson threat.

The scoring among the eleven men making the trip was taken care of in the following way: Romano, 46; Lutz 37; Bunks Burditt, 21; Ed Buckley, 21; Captain Bud Finegan, 17; Don Lutz, 12; Red Scully, 5; Bill Webber, 4.