Questionnaires On A.R.P. Work Will Be Distributed to University

PBH Service Committee Made Permanent; New Courses Planned For Air Raid Defense

Simultaneously with the announcement of plans for new defense courses here, it was learned last night that questionnaires designed to obtain detailed information from all members of the Harvard community about their interests and qualifications for volunteer defense work will be distributed throughout the University this Thursday.

The questionnaires will be handed out to all of the University's students at the various dining halls and at the libraries of the Law and Medical Schools. Faculty members will receive their questionnaires at their offices while employees will get theirs through their departments.

Established on a temporary basis by Phillips Brooks House and the Student Council shortly after the declaration of war, the Defense Service Committee has been made a permanent organization and will be in charge of distributing the questionnaire to students.

New Courses Planned

Among other things, the questionnaire will reveal the demand for a new series of defense courses which will begin next week.

To be given in cooperation with Cambridge and the Red Cross, these include courses for auxiliary firemen, auxiliary police, the aircraft warning service, and motor transports as well as air raid precaution and first aid.

So that Harvard will be able to answer calls for any kind of volunteer defense workers, everyone will be asked to state on his questionnaire how much time he would be willing to devote to defense work and to list his preferences in a widely diversified number of subjects including telestyping, surgery, baby tending, and flying.