Harlow Squad Digs In for Crucial Battle, Plans to Parry Green Speed With Passes

If Coach Dick Harlow has not been his usual jovial self this past week there is good reason for it. The explanation is that he has been worrying about today's game with Dartmouth, for this afternoon Dick Harlow finds himself on the spot.

Whether Harvard is likely to have a good or bad team this year will be determined to a great extent today. Heretofore, the Crimson has come up against teams which were faster, more powerful and better than Harvard, like it or not. That the Crimson stood up so well against the Pre-Flight, Pennsylvania and William & Mary juggernauts is a credit both to Harlow and the team.

Today, however, the squad comes up against an aggregation that plays the same type of football as Harvard and that has had its personnel hit just as hard by graduation and the draft. The squad will have a fair opportunity to show its stuff, and, on the basis of what it shows, one will be able to tell what kind of success the Crimson will have during the rest of the campaign.

The game itself should shape up into a duel between a speedy running attack and an increasingly potent passing offensive. Indian hopes to reverse the 1941 result depend on their backfield, one of the finest in the country. Crimson hopes to ring up their second consecutive triumph against the Big Green depend on their passers, not the finest aerial artists in the nation but a good bunch of throwers nevertheless.

May Use Ground Attack

There is a chance, of course, that with his passing ace, Jack Comerford, not sure of playing, Harlow might concentrate on line bucks and off-tackle smashes on the grounds that Dartmouth's line is too weak to stop that type of offensive. But most observers feel that Harlow will still place a great amount of trust in his passing attack and will use it as much as possible.

The experts are divided over the chances of a Harvard victory. Arthur Sampson, for example, slightly favors the Green. On the other hand, Notre Dame coach Frank Leahy picks Harvard. Hu Flung picks the Crimson, and that, of course, clinches the argument. HARVARD  DARTMOUTH Barnes (186), l.e.  r.e., Crowley (180) Hibbard (210), l.t.  r.t., Daukas (206) Guldaitiz (178), l.g.  r.f., Holmes (178) Andersen (160)  c., Brown (180) Kamp (187), r.g.  l.g., M'Kinnon (173) Stannard (190), r.t.  l.t., And'rs'n (192) C'mml'gs (181), r.e.  l.e., M'nah'n (182) Anders'n (180), q.b.  q.b., Carey (182) L. Flynn (155), t.b.  w.b., Kast (170) Wilson (190), w.b.  t.b., Wolfe (185) Perkins (182), f.b.  f.b., Douglas (185)