9000 Seats Offered For Last Two Games

The University announced yesterday that, by vote of the Corporation, the HAA will be authorized to make 9000 seats to the Harvard-Princeton and Harvard-Brown football games available without charge to members of the Armed Forces.

The Boston Soldiers and Sailors Committee will arrange for the distribution of 5000 tickets among men enlisted in the Service and stationed in the vicinity of Boston, to each of the two games, the first to be held at the Stadium on October 31 and the second on November 14.

Approximately 3500 men now connected with military training at the University will also be offered complimentary tickets to the game. This includes all men acting as instructors, assisting with the administration, or assigned as students in the various special military and naval training courses at Harvard.

This action has received the enthusiastic approval of the Princeton and Brown University athletic authorities.

At the Dartmouth game last week only 1000 of the 30,000 available seats in the Stadium bowl were filled. At the Army and Navy ROTC units who take part in the review preceding will be provided with free seats in sections 1 to 3. However, they may sit in other seats if arrangements have already been made.

Approximately 1750 Army and 2050 Navy men stationed at the University will be reviewed by General Francis B. Wilby and General Sherman Miles Saturday.