Leo Flynn Benched Due to Body Injury

Shuffling his line in an effort to stop up the embarrassing hole that the Big Green backs went tearing through last Saturday, Dick Harlow tentatively moved George Hibbard into the left guard slot yesterday.

This experiment, if it succeeds, will make Stan Durwood the regular left tackle after alternating with Hibbard since the beginning of the season, and it would push Charley Gudaitis down to the "B" team.

Bobby Byrnes, who earlier in the season was the number one blocking back on the original Junior Varsity, is now Durwood's replacement, although he may not see much action since Stan is durable enough to be considered a 60-minute man.

Lee Flynn Hurt

An exchange between the starting team and the hospital list saw Jack Comerford back as regular tailback for the first time since the William & Mary encounter. Leo Flynn, who played a bang-up game against Dartmouth, is definitely out of action for the rest of the week, including Saturday, with a body injury.

Still feeling that contact work during the week is a good preparation for Saturday battles, Harlow put the Varsity through an hour-long scrimmage yesterday. First the top two elevens were on the offensive against a scrub aggregation, and then the "A" and "B" teams came to grips.

Bart Harvey put on another good performance on the defense, and earned promotion to the "B" team only a day after he was raised to the third string. Another wingback, Freshman Paul Lazzaro, was working out with the Varsity on the strength of his having sparked the Jay- vee touchdown drive against Andover.

Team A: le, Barnes; it, Durwood; lg, Hibbard; c, Fisher; rg, Kamp; rt, Stannard; re, Garland; tb, Comerford; fb, Johnson; wb, Wilson; 1b, Anderson.

Team B: le, Boston; it, Burns; lg, Gudaitis; c, Gardiner; rg, Kleinman; rt, Mallett and W. Fisher; re, Dudley, tb, Richards; fb, Perkins; wb, Lyle and Harvey; qb, Goethals