Lady Labor Leader to Broadcast on Network

Paul Sweezy Will Interview Margaret Bondfield Tonight

The Rt. Hon. Margaret C. Bondfield, one-time Minister of Labor in the British government and the only woman member of the Privy Council, will broadeast an interview with Dr. Paul, M. Sweezy, '31, instructor in Economics, over the Crimson Network at 10 o'clock tonight. The general subject of her talk will be "Labor during, and after the War."

Miss Rondfield is well known in British trade union circles, having served as representative of the Trade Union Council in Russia in 1920 and as labor adviser at the International Labor Conference in Washington in 1919. A member of Parliament during the 1920's, she received an LL.D. from Bristol University, which was presented to her by Winston Churchill, chancellor of the university.

The program will be broadeast in cooperation with the War Service Committee and the Post War Council.