Leverett Impressive in Beating Dudley, 19-0

Winthrop Beats Out Elephants 13 to 6

Leverett House put real meaning behind its claim to "the best line in the league" when it maintained the record of not having a first down scored upon it for the second straight game, as the Bunnies vanquished Dudley, 19 to 0.

Center Walt Parsons, guard Bud Lane, and end Al Aldrich stood out on the Leverett line. Aldrich continued the sparkling play with which he accounted for all of Leverett's eight points against Lowell last week. Besides catching and running several passes he jarred a Rambler back with a hard tackle and Jay Hurley recovered the resulting fumble in the points.

Hurley also scored the second Bunny touchdown with a 65-yard run around left end. On an off-tackle play that netted around 25 yards, Dick Jason accounted for the last touchdown and the extra point was gained on a rush play.

Paul Quinn completed a few short passes for Dudley, but he was unable to lead the Ramblers to a first down against the impregnable Leverett line.

Winthrop won its second victory of the season, beating out Eliot 13 to 6 in a close game featured by some accurate passing on both sides.

Former Freshman and Varsity player Gershon Ross was the main cog in the Puritan offense, setting up the first touch-down with a long a end sweep in the first quarter and passing to right end Larry Corbett for the second score. Larry Goodale kicked the extra point after the first touchdown, which was scored by Ralph Davenport on a line buck.

Dick Chenowith sparked the Eliot team to its first touchdown of the season with several well-aimed passes to Morgan and Coe that brought the Elephants down to the Winthrop two-yard line, from where Chenowith plunged over.

This afternoon Kirkland will be out to settle an old score with Adams, which nosed Kirkland out of the league championship last year.