Shortage of Doctors will Reduce Space at Stillman

Foreseeing an unusually high "incidence of the acute respiratory infections this fall and winter," Dr. Arlie V. Bock '15, Henry K. Oliver Professor of Hygiene, has been a special pamphlet to 12,000 Harvard undergraduates, faculty and employees, warning that increasing shortages of trained doctors and nurses make it probable that only a small number of people can be cared for in Stiliman this year.

In particular he warned the onslaught of "virus Pneumonia" which is apparently spreading. Although the disease is rarely, if ever, fatal, Dr. Bock pointed out that a loss of two to three weeks could be expected.

Avoid Frustration

Speaking of the necessity of maintaining good physical condition, he warned that students should avoid fatigue "especially if such fatigue is the result of worry, frustration, or general unhappiness."

An infected person should especially avoid contact with others. Dr. Bock warned. "Stay away from lecture halls, laboratories movies, etc., and make judicious use of your bandkerchiefs when sneezing and coughing, wherever you are if you share a bathroom with others, isolate your own toilet equipment."