Harlow Drives Varsity in Hard Defensive Scrimmage

Army's line is big and tough, and dick Harlow knows it. So yesterday afternoon he drove his A team through a long defensive scrimmage, with plenty of action and no holds barred.

The surprise of the day, and the most cheering feature of the week as far as the line is concerned, was the play of Pete Garland. Pete, biggest and heaviest of the Crimson flankers, has been wreaking have with the enemy backfield in every contact session all week.

Garland Lays Them Low

Two, three, and sometimes four men fell before his vicious changes, and Garland thereby laid substantial claim to a starting berth on Saturday. Len Cummings, regular right end, emerged from Stillman only yesterday, but he will be okay for Army.

Leo Flynn's injury has placed Harlow in a slight hole at the tailback spot, and he has been experimenting with Bill Wilson. Nothing is deflate, and Jack Comerford will probably get the starting nod, but Wilson may move over, and Cleo O'Donnell would thus see a lot more action.

Waters Stars

Another star of yesterday's scrimmage was George Waters. George has been third string blocking back all fall, but Harlow moved him up to the A team, in place of lab-delayed Swede Anderson, at the end of the scrimmage. Swede has seen 120 minutes of action, per for the course, in the last two battles, but Waters' promotion may give him a much-needed rest for a few minutes.

The left and situation is a little muddled. George Boston is Harlow's latest trial flight, with Bill Barnes, a Crimson fixture all years, lining up on the B eleven. There is no indication that things will look that way on Saturday, however.

Cowen First String

Tom Cowen appears to have a strangle-hold on the first eleven's fullback post. Wayne Johnson and Paul Perkins will undoubtedly have a chance to tete-a-tete with the Cadets before the battle is over but Cowen is the fair-haired boy at present.

Amoung the B backs who were given a going-over by the Varsity line was Bob Roche, but the Freshman tailback managed to break away, in his shifty manner, on a few long gains