Harriers to Meet Unbeaten Indians

Cross Country Men Journey To Hanover for Dual Meet

In an attempt to break the Dartmouth cross-country team's undefeated record, the Crimson harriers will journey to Hanover this afternoon for a dual meet on Friday, while the Jayvees visit Tufts. The varsity meet was to have been triangular, with New Hampshire also participating, but the Wildeats could not come because of transportation difficulties.

Don Burnham, winner of last year's Heptagonal cross-country race and conqueror of Les MacMitchell in the Metropolitan Mile last spring, will lead the Green team. Backing him up will be Bob Williams, third in the Heps last fall.

Jaakko Mikkola will take seven men with him to Hanover, including Captain F. W. Phinney '43, W. C. Palson, Jr. '44, T. Coggeshall '44, B. B. Kent '43, H. W. Pratt '46, O. D. Filley '45, and D. R. McCaul '43.

The best of the upperclassmen and Freshmen on the team will not run in the Jayvee meet with Tufts Friday. In stead, they will hold a time trial on the river course to select the squad. This weakening will be evened up by the fact that the Tufts team is made up of Freshmen only.