Indians to Flood Town Despite Holiday Loss

Fraternities Move to Curb All "Anti-Social" Drinking

"Run, girls, run," Dartmouth will be be in town again. For in spite of transportation tie-ups and accelerated schedules, the usual percentage of Hanover's pleasure-seeking Indians will accompany the Green gridiron machine on its annual sortie into Cambridge. This information from the New Hampshire reservation explodes the rumor which suggested that the cancellation of the traditional one-day holiday for Dartmouthmen would mean a dearth of supporters in the opposition stands on the Saturday after next.

Up until this year the Harvard weekend has been a traditional holiday for the isolated and womanless Hanoverians, and it is only their unlimited cut privilege which will enable them to make merry on October 17. The go-ahead signal was sounded in a statement by Dartmouth Dean Neidlinger, who told anxious football followers: "There will be no official holiday . . . but there will be no more penalty for cutting on those days than for any others . . ."

Curb on Drinking

The trip to this well-stocked metropolis should be a particular treat for the Indians in the Green tribe who are fond of their fire-water. A campaign started by Dartmouth Inter-fraternity Council to revise rules in respect to drinking has received considerable attention from college authorities, and may ultimately result in a curb on the consumption of beer and hard liquor on the Green campus.

Now rulings, reports The Dartmouth, would be designed to prevent "rounder" drinking by small groups stagnating in an alcoholic aura for its own sake rather than social drinking indulged in connection with other recreation.

"The purpose of this campaign is to formulate a plan whereby undergraduate drinking at Dartmouth can be better controlled."