Council Will Appoint '45 Class Committee

Yard Dormitories Will Be Represented in New Group

After a hard summer spent at various social activities including the arrangement of special dinners, the Freshman Interhouse Committee is now to be dissolved, by order of the Student Council. In its place an innovation, a Freshman Class Committee, is being set up to handle affairs of the Class of '46 during the coming session of College.

Successor to the old Union Committee, which handled most Freshman social arranging in the past, the Class Committee will contain eight men drawn from each of the dormitories in the Yard, who will serve short terms as members of the Student Council. Under the new plan. Freshman representatives in the Council will be arbitrarily selected in any way which seems best at the time.

The new step has as its object the hope of incorporating Freshman activities more closely in the scheme of all College affairs, to attain an essential unity of all classes which is felt to be especially necessary in these times of war.