Rohde Expected to Spark Offensive Play

Confronted with the usual Freshman football schedule and lacking the usual material, Coach Henry Lamar really has a job on his hands to prepare his squad for its opening game Saturday at Exeter. But Lamar has already settled on a starting line-up, subject to raids by Dick Harlow.

This might have been one of the best Yardling elevens in a long time if the war hadn't brought on the new eligibility rule. Jack comeford and Leo Flynn in the backfield, and George Boston, Wally Flynn, Dana Dudley, and Soup Gardiner up front would have made the nucleus for a top-notch team. Particularly on the offense.

Without these members of the Varsity squad and a few more who are the Jayvees, Lamar has picked Larry Broderick as blocking back, Justin Walsh as tailback, Karl Rohde as wingback, and Paul Garrity as fullback.

In the line, Cornelius Atkins and Lou Hill are the ends, Israel Chilcott and Ralph Kovanda at the tackle posts, Dick Dunne and Bob Drennan as guards, and Jim Crane at the pivot spot.

Rohde, who has been outstanding in the open field and on reverses, seems likely to be the sparkplug of the '46 offense. Fast and shifty, he is also a standout on the defense.

The flank posts are also well manned. A first-rate pass-catcher, six-foot three-inch Lou Hill is generally an aggressive wingman, while Atkins seems to be a fighting offensive end who is more than adequate on the defense.

Another 6-3 giant, Chilcott, will provide the bulk on the left side of the line; his running mate, Ralph Kovanda, packs 191 pounds in his five feet, eight inches.