ROTC Cadets Will Receive Book on Military Etiquette

Sawhill Compiles Data for Handbook

Containing information valuable to ROTC students, a handbook written by J. Eldon Sawhill '43, Cadet Colonel of the Harvard Regiment, will be issued gratis to all Field Artillery and Quartermaster Corps cadets early next week.

Divided into many sections, the book will contain pertinent information on military etiquette, specifying when to salute an officer, when to salute the flag, and the correct time and manner of wearing the uniform.

Tells Regiment's History

Another and perhaps the most interesting department in the book tells the history of the Harvard ROTC from its inception through 1939, when the Quartermaster Unit was started at the Business School.

It also enumerates and describes the many Naval and Military groups at Harvard in addition to the ROTC. Among these are the Naval Indoctrination, Communication, and Supply Schools; the Naval ROTC; the Signal Corps School at Cruft Laboratory, the Air Corps Statistical School, and the Army Chaplain School.

Pointers on drill, demerit systems, and the organization of regiment, battalion, and battery, are all taken up in the book and should prove especially helpful to new students entering the course.

The ROTC handbook, suggested by James G. Hays '42, last year's Cadet Colonol, as his last act in office, is being printed at the Harvard University Press. Two thousand copies are to be run off the press, 1000 of which will be distributed immediately to ROTC cadets.