W & M Defense Wins Scout Lamar's Praise

Strong Team Headed By Johnson, Ramsey

"We probably won't draw peanuts to the Stadium Saturday, because not many people around here have heard of William & Mary, but this game that's coming up will be one of the toughest we'll play the entire season."

That was Assistant Varsity Coach Henry Lamar's homely way of describing what he thinks, of the next opponent on the Crimson schedule, when he reported yesterday on what he was in the way of talent in scouting last week's William & Mary V. P. I. game.

Indian Defense Strong

Lamar went on to say that the Indians are not so potent offensively but are terrific on the defense. "They play like professionals," he opined. "Nothing bothers them. Every once in a while or rather very rarely, they're pushed back to within five or ten yards of their own goal line, but they don't got rattled. They just hitch up their belts, tackle a little harder, and before you know it, the other team has lost the ball on downs."

Anyone who has seen Harvard in the two games it has played knows that this quality of super-duper defense under pressure which W & M possesses constitutes a distinct threat to Crimson hopes. For in both the Pennsylvania and North Carolina Pre-Flight contest the team was able to get down past the opponent's five yard line, but still failed to score.

Strong Defense

The Quakers and the Fliers were not however, noted for defensive play. The Indians are. Crimson rooters can only hope that if Harvard gets down to pay dirt in next Saturday's game, it won't stall and lose the ball on downs.

Fullback Harvey "Stud" Johnson was the man that impressed Lamar most, Weighing a piddling 225 pounds, he was the key man in William & Mary's 3 to 0 victory over Dartmouth last year. In fact he had the distinction of making more ground against Dartmouth than all the other W & M backs combined. The "other" W & M backs were no slouches in their own right, by the way.

Practice Shines Yesterday

All this is on the debit side of the picture. On the credit side is yester- day's Varsity football practice which was extremely impressive. The afternoon's work featured pass defense and a scrimmage between teams B and C.

Cleo O'Donnell, Jack fisher, George Waters and Jack Comeford all looked good in the former department, and Leo Flynn and Gordy Lyle shone in the B-C scrimmage, both of them getting away for several long runs. A 150 pound, 5 foot ten inch. Freshman tailback from South Orange, New Jersey, Flynn also tossed quite a few long passes that ate up a lot of yardage for the B eleven.

Team A:--le, Barnes; it, Durwood; lg, Gudaitis; c, J. Fisher; rg, Smith; rt, Stannard; re, Cummings; tb, Comeford; fb, Johnson; wb, Wilson and O'Donnell; qb, Anderson