Over the Wire

RAF Bombers Slash at Axis

LONDON--Powerful Allied forces swept tonight to the threshold of Tunisia, strategic protectorate over which a struggle for control of the skies already was raging, after driving past the Algerian port of Bone where American reinforcements were landing.

The Vichy radio reported that Bone, 50 miles west of the frontier fell at 10 o'clock to the swift Allied motorized and armored columns which now were believed very close to the border if some units had not already crossed for the showdown with the Axis.

RAF Bombers from Malta had eased the way for the Allies with a crushing raid on the airport near Tunis which wrecked or crippled 38 planes, and the Rome radio reported a tangle between Italian and Allied fighter planes over Cape Bon, 145 miles, inside Tunisia from Algeria. This indicated Allied fighters were operating from new forward bases in Algeria or that long-range fighters from Malta had joined the fray.

The stake of the impending battle was the excellent Bizarre navel base, dominating the vital Sicilian straits, and Adolph Hitler was believ ed gambling every man and machine he could spare in an effort to hold one strong point on his crumbling Mediterranean flank