All Experienced Skiers and Climbers Eligible for Corps

Selection of personnel for service with mountain forces for the United States Army, suspended July 8, has been resumed, Elliot Perkins '23, director of the War Service Information Burean announced Friday. The announcement came originally from the National Ski Patrol System, official agency for recommending men for this branch of the service.

Men who have lived and worked in the mountains, such as rock climbers, trappers, packers, guides, and prospectors, are preferred. Good skiers even without extensive mountaineering experience, if they are found physically fit for rigorous winter and mountain training, will be acceptable.

Toughness at Premium

Toughness and the ability to take punishment will be the basis of selection of men without previous skiing or mountaineering experience. The announcement was especially intended for ski, mountaineering, and outing clubs among whose members many candidates for such service were expected to be found.

Men who wish to volunteer for assignment to the mountain troops should submit questionnaires to the National Ski Patrol before enlisting in order to obtain the War Department's authorization for specific enlistment in a mountain unit. Those entering through the Selective Service System should submit their Ski Patrol questionnaire as far in advance as possible, so that an order may be sent to the inductee's reception center authorizing his transfer to the Mountain Training Center.


Students currently enrolled in the ERC may apply to the National Ski association for aid in obtaining assignment to a mountain unit upon completion of Officer's Training School. Men who enlist in mountain units are also eligible for assignment to an Officer's Candidate School on recommendation of local commanding officers.

Any additional information and National Ski Patrol questionnaires may be obtained at the War Service Information Bureau in Little Hall 12.