Juniors Vote On Thursday

New Ballot Contains Seven More Names

A new ballot, which includes seven additional names, and a postponed time, Thursday and Friday of this week, have been set for the Junior Class Elections by the nominating committee, it was announced last night.

The reason cited for the putting off the vote was the Student Council meeting on Wednesday night, where the organization of the affair will be put into its final form.

Voting In All Houses

According to the present plan voting booths will be set up in various parts of the University. There will be polling places in all the House dining halls, in the Common room of the Dudley Commuter's center, in Sever and Harvard halls, and in all the undergraduate clubs.

It was also decided that no more petitions for further nominees would be accepted after last night. The results of the elections will be announced in full in Monday's CRIMSON.

One Man Shifted

On of the new nominees, Dan H. Fenn, Jr. was shifted from his former position as candidate for Odist to Class Treasurer. The new nominees for Marshal were David B. Arnold, Jr., A. Leroy Atherton, Jr., and Alexander L. Jackson, 3rd.

In the three other new nominations, Francis Cunningham, Jr. was made a candidate for Class Treasurer, Thomas S. Kuhn for Orator, and Harold C. Fleming for Odist.

Under peace-time conditions the Class of 1944 would have its elections more than a year from now, and the Marshals would lead the Class Day parade in June. The balloting is being held now because the class will proabably be decimated in February.



David Bullard Arnold, Jr.

Alfred Leroy Atherton, Jr.

George Miller Burditt, Jr.

Ervin Thayer Drake, 3rd