Varsity Squad Takes Train West Thursday

Bart Harvey Shines In Hard Scrimmage

Zero hour for the Crimson eleven this week is Thursday afternoon at 3:40 o'clock, when 28 players, two coaches, and retinue leave Soutir Station for Ann Arbor, Michigan and a somewhat athletic engagement with the University of Michigan's football team on Saturday.

So Dick Harlow has only three days in which to prepare his men for their toughest competition of the season, and one day is gone. Monday practice, usually a leisurely affair at Soldiers Field, was stepped up considerably yesterday, but the loss of seven vital performers to Mil Sci drills hampered matters.

Comeford III

Every man on the squad is in good condition except Jack Comeford, currently ailing with a slight illness, but the Freshman passer will definitely be ready for the long train ride Thursday.

A long dummy scrimmage against the vaunted Wolverine attack, the usual passing drill, and a kicking session comprised the workout for those who saw major action against Princeton. After these worthies had been excused, Harlow sent the remnant of Team B against Team C in a long, hard scrimmage.

Bart Harvey, who always runs well in contact sessions, had another good day yesterday, using his blockers well to chalk up a number of long gains. Paul Perkins was pummeling the scrub line with his hard plunges, and Freshman Justin Walsh, a fleet wingback, showed promise. On the defense, center Roxie Lawson's timely and frequent tackles were outstanding.

There were no apparent changes in Team A, although several members were absent. One of the positions in doubt is left guard, where George Hibbard and Charley Gudaitis spent about an equal amount of time against the Orange and Black. A surplus of tailbacks is another onigma--Harlow now has the revitalized Don Richards, Leo Flynn, Bill Wilson, and Comeford from whom to choose, and there is no telling which man will get the nod against Kuzma and company.

Team A: le, Barnes; lt, Kleiman; lg, Gudaitis; c, Andersen; rg, Stannard; rt, W. Fisher; re, Forte; qb, Anderson; wb, O'Donnell; tb, Wilson; fb, Johnson.

Team B: le, Boston; lt, Byrnes; lg, Mroz; c, Gardiner; rg, Smith; rt, Mallett; re, Cummings; qb, Goethals; wb, Lyle; tb, L. Flynn; fb, Perkins.