Maurice Tillet, the French Angel (as opposed to the new Swedish Angel) paid a scientific visit to the University again yesterday, but this time he came not as a specimen, but as a student. For an hour, Tillet and his manager, Carl Pojello (former coach of wrestling at Oxford and Cambridge) browsed around Peabody Museum.

From there the two went to the French film at the Institute of Geographical Exploration. The Angel, a graduate of the University of Toulouse, is a native of France.

Though the Angel seems to know his way around the ring, he had some trouble with Cambridge. Because he got lost and arrived some time later than he was expected, another visit has been planned. Most of this trip was spent in the laboratories looking at bones and statistics.

"He had wanted to come for some time," officials declared. "He has a real scientific interest, and not just a curiosity." First contact with the University for the professional wrestler was early in his career, when anthropologists measured him. Among other things, they found that the distance from his forehead to his chin is 22 inches.