Mint Seeks Pennies to Save on Copper Hoard

Washington Asks Students To Break Open Piggy Banks

Instructions coming direct to the Yard from the Directory of the U. S. Mint in Washington request that all students assist in the current campaign "to get back into circulation the idle coins that art lying hidden in piggy banks, sugar bowls, glass jars and bureau drawers" throughout the University.

"The 4600 tons of copper consumed last year in making the one-cent piece," the announcement continues, "would have met the combined requirements of copper for building 2 cruisers, 2 destroyers, 1245 flying fortresses, 120 field guns and 120 howitzers."

"There is scarcely a family in the country in which some member is not saving pennies; prompted by the praiseworthy purpose of accumulating savings, not realizing that in withdrawing them from circulation they are forcing the Mint to make an unnecessary tax upon the metal resources of the country," it concludes.