Committee to Investigate Dartmouth Purchase Plan

Doubts of the practicality of a plan for purchase of student furniture expressed by College officials will not halt the investigation of a Student Council committee in that field, it was revealed at a meeting of the Council last night.

Further information on the details of the Dartmouth announcement of a week ago, which revealed that the college will buy the furniture of all students drafted, will be obtained by communication with Hanover.

Responsibility Too Great

General opinion among qualified officials stressed the responsibility and work which the University would have to assume under such a proposal. No warehouse facilities sufficient for the task are available to the University, the committee was told.

Agitation for the plan originated in fear by the Student Council that the local market would be flooded by the furniture of draftees, and that students would suffer accordingly. It was proposed that either the College handle the problem or detail one business concern to store the superflous furniture.

Under the plan discussed by the Council and currently under investigation by a special committee either the University will buy material outright and use it for retrainees from the armed services, or else rent the furniture out and remit the money collected to the student in cash or war bonds.