"Follies of '45" Will Include Skits, Songs

One hour of burlesque, songs, and laughs created by Yardling talent will precede the informal Freshman Frolic of February 28, with, Ken Reeves and orchestra providing music from nine o'clock to midnight.

"Who Cleft Ma with the Meat Axe?", an original skit written and executed by the Grays Hall Boys, will be one of the highlights of the program, the show includes a number of original song hits by Oliver Filley '45.

Among the surprise acts will be a script acted out by a boy and a girl chosen at random from the audience. Promising an execelelent routine and a Rockette-like accuracy, the All-More Chorus will show that Harvard legs are good for more than standing on.

John Budge Alcorn '45 is managing the whole "Follies" show, assisted by a loyal swarm of satellites who man committees on everything from organization of the show to its morality. Other halls in the Yard may contribute acts to the show if their productions can be brought up to the standards of the casting committee.