Undefeated Visitors Hold Win Over Indian Freshmen

What looks to be the toughest opposition the Yardling hockey team has faced this year comes to the Boston Skating Club this afternoon, when undefeated Hebron Academy takes on the puck-Chasers at 5:30 o'clock.

The visitors, Maine champions for the past three years, hold a 3 to 2 victory over Dartmouth Freshmen, the same outfit which marred the Crimson's unscathed record last Monday by holding the Freshmen to a 4 to 4 dead-lock.

Out for victory number thirteen, Coach John Chase plans to keep Jim Apthrop in his newly-installed post of right wing, a slot in which he replaced Ned Harding. Tommy Ayres and Bud Collinson complete the front line, Captain Dick Mechem and Orrin Wood will be in their familiar defensive positions, and Jim Summers will guard the net.

Hebron's good first line, sparked by Gundy Kirrone, should give the Chasemen plenty of action this afternoon, and their defensemen, Dedo and Marchisio, are as rugged as any the '45 sextet has confronted this year.