Austin Hall Taken Over For Cruft Laboratory

Army, Navy Students Cause Strain on Teaching Space

Taken over from the Law School by Cruft Physics Laboratory, Austin Hall is now being used almost entirely to relieve the strain on lecturing space at Cruft, caused by a new group of 150 Army, Navy, and civilian students in the special electronics and cathode ray tube course.

The University offered the use of its facilities to the armed forces, and the present arrangement is the training of men in communications courses. A new group will start next week, with the old one about to complete the final phases of the courses.

The Physics Department reports that it would be able to handle 200 men a month, though it has some trouble with its voluntary service of helping the men to find living quarters near the Square.

Lane House, one of the University-owned private residences, was about to be torn down when it, too, was requisitioned by the Physics Department. Now equipped with power, fluorescent lightning, and benches, it services as laboratory space for the new men.