Coach Chooses 2 Dartmouth Players on Honorary Team

Two Dartmouth cagers, center Jim Olson and high scoring forward Ed Munroe, are the mainstays of an all-Eastern basketball team selected by Varsity Coach Earl Brown yesterday.

Brown's team, the first he has selected, was further marked by the presence of "Stuts" Modzelowski of Rhode Island State at the other forward spot. Modzelowski is the Pawtucket whirlwind who has already smashed Angelo "Hank" Luisetti's three year scoring mark. The Rhode Islander has led his quintet to their best season in history, and is the country's highest scorer.

The coach said he refrained from mentioning any of his own players, but claimed that George Burditt, Crimson pivot man, merits mention on anybody's team.

To fill the two guard positions, Brown chose George Lawry of Princeton and Don Swingler of Brown. Lawry is the sharpshooter who killed all Varsity hopes with nine successive field goals in last week's contest. Burditt, Cantab center, and no mean marksman himself, termed the exhibition "The most phenomenal display of shooting I've ever seen."

Swingler was selected, Brown asserted, for his natural ability and for his remarkable team spirit, which has sparked an otherwise mediocre Bruin aggregation to a number of surprising triumphs. Swingler is the same gentleman who cavorted on the gridiron last fall, running back a MacKinney punt for the only Bruin score in that November battle.

Olson, the Green center, is the leading point-gatherer of the Eastern Intercollegiate League, the loop in which the Harvard five now occupies fifth position. Monroe is a speedy forward whose scoring spree was stopped but once this year, and this halt was called by the Crimson guards in the January upset.

Brown stressed that this high-scoring team could hardly be considered the perfect quintet since he has not had the chance to watch some of the outstanding players on teams that the Varsity hoopsters have not opposed.