Houses To Start First Aid Courses; ARP Graduates 250

Simultaneously with completion of the training of 250 A.R.P. wardens late last week, it was announced that a now series of first-aid courses would begin in the Houses within the next few days.

With its opening meeting Tuesday night, a regular 20-hour course is to be conducted by members of the Medical School Faculty for Winthrop and Lowell Houses. Half of the program will be given in each House, and it is expected that the course will also attract men from Adams where at the present time the interest does not warrant a separate class.

Taught by an instructor from the Medical School, a course will got under way in Kirkland House shortly, while Eliot has almost completed the training of its first-aid contingent.

In addition to the above, the Houses have recently sent 40 men to join the volunteer University police force, and several undergraduates are now serving with the Interceptor Command.