Men in Basic Military Science Courses Must Stay All Summer Under New Plan

Juniors In R O T C Have Free Summer

Freshmen and Sophomores in the R.O.T.C. will be required to take Mil Sci here this summer, it was announced yesterday.

Major Morton F. Smith, F.A., described the plans for giving the second and third year courses from June to February 1943, with attendance compulsory for all those who wish to stay in the unit. With no summer camp, Juniors will have the summer off.

Finishing Mil Sci 2 in February, present Freshmen will take the two advanced courses without interruption to be graduated in June 1944. Sophomores will start Mil Sci 3 this summer, continuing it through next February. From September to February they will also be in Mil Sci 4, which they will complete in June 1943 when they are graduated and receive their commissions.

While realizing the inevitable difficulties that the new program will cause with students who had counted on working during the vacation, Major Smith said that in their case nothing could be done, although students would receive "as much individual attention as possible."

Counts As Half Course


Since the R.O.T.C. summer classes only count as half courses, students will probably be permitted to get one and a half additional credits, by taking two other subjects for one six-week period and only one additional one for the other.

"The new plan is aimed at coordinating the Military Science curriculum with the University's acceleration program, keeping the main objective of providing good Field Artillery officers," Major Smith said.

Colonel Philip Hayes, departing professor of Military Science and Tactics, was given the customary farewell review yesterday, at which his successor, Colonel Francis Doniat was welcomed.