Allowing their opponents only three first places in the entire meet. Coach Ulen's Varsity swimmers took the measure of the Providence Boys' Club last night by the decisive margin of 48 to 27. Previous to the Varsity meet, the Crimson Yardlings, led by Captain Jim Hubbell, defeated the Boston Boys' Club 44 to 22, thereby annexing their sixth victory in the current season.

"Big John" Eusden was a double winner in the Varsity meet, taking the 50 and 100 yard free styles, while Bus Curwen turned in one of the best times of the evening when he swam the 200 yard breaststroke in 2:35.4.

The summary:

800-yard Medley Relay--Won by Harvard (Drucker, Curwen, Sceery); second, Providence Boys' Club (Bachawski, Clarke, Phelan). Time--3m., 10.5s.

220-yard Free Style--Won by Despres (P); second, Shrewsbury (H); third, Barnes (H). Time--2m., 20.5s.

50-yard Free Style--Won by Eusden (H); second, Downing (H); third, Soltysiak (P). Time--24.6s.

Low Board Dive--Won by McCutcheon (H); second, Gath (P); third, Pratt (P). Winner's points--103.1.

100-yard Free Style--Won by Eusden (H); second, Shrewsbury (H); third, Bachawski (P). Time--57.3s.

150-yard Backstroke--Won by Despres (P); second, Drucker (H); third, Stocker (H). Time--1m., 41.1s.

200-yard Breaststroke--Won by Curwen (H); second, Soltysiak (P); third, Myrer (H). Time--2m., 35.4s.

440-yard Free Style--Won by Barnes (H); second, Christman (H); third, O'Connor (P). Time--5m., 18.1s.

400-yard Relay--Won by Providence (Despres, Lisy, Soltysiak, Gannon); second, Harvard (Harting, Houston, Ball Jones). Time--4m., 1s.