Ju4niors, Seniors Offered Commissions After College

Offered an opportunity to receive a probationary commission pending the completion of their College training. Juniors and Seniors concentrating in the field of electronics may enlist in the Army or Navy now and delay active duty until their graduation.

This new announcement from Washington, released yesterday by Professor A. James Casner's Student War Service Information Bureau, makes it possible for upperclassmen studying Physics or Engineering Science to finish their valuable training in the field of electronics and then receive commissions as 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Signal Corps or as Ensign Volunteer Special Service in the Navy, Professor Casner's statement follows:

Casner's Statement

"Juniors and Seniors concentrating in Physics or in Engineering Sciences with approved programs of study emphasizing electronics may enlist in either the Army or the Navy and, except in an extreme emergency, will be allowed to complete the training in the course in electronics. Upon satisfactory completion of the course they will be ordinarily commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Signal Corps in the Army or as Ensigns Volunteer Special Service, if in the Navy.

"Men who are interested in enlisting in the Army at this time in order to continue this course of study may obtain applications for enlistment from Professor Casner and the Student War Service Information Bureau, from Dean Westergaard at the Graduate School of Engineering, or from Professor Kemble in the Physics Department.

"After filling out the application it will be submitted to Dean Westergaard or Professor Kemble and the Professor of Military Science and Tactics for their recommendations. Forms will then be sent directly to the Chief Signal Officer, Washington, D. C. Students will then be given a physical examination and enlisted in the Army and placed on inactive status until completion of their course of study.

Requirements Listed

"Those interested in volunteering for the Navy with the privilege of completing the course in electronomics may make application directly to the Commandant, First Naval District, Boston, Massachusetts. In order to be eligible in the Navy the following requirements must be met; not over 26 years of age, a citizen of the United States for at least 10 years, possess officer-like qualifications, and pass the regular physical examination.

"Any Junior or Senior having the educational background and meeting the physical requirements may be placed on probationary status as an ensign pending the completion of his course of study.

"Any student signing up in either the Army or the Navy under this arrangement must complete the course in electronics at his own expense. It should be understood that under present rules as to deferment under the draft there is no positive assurance that any student will be able to complete the course in electronics unless he is in either the Army or the Navy program for such students."