22 Scholarships Awarded to Graduate School Students

Totalling $9,160, 22 awards, for graduate study at Harvard during the coming academic year were announced by the University today as follows:

In the Medical School: Isadore N. Rosenberg 2M, Chester J. Dexter 2M, Irving M. London 3M, Christopher T. Bever 2M, William H. Hagan, James B. Tobias 1M, Beecher W. Sitterson, Harold Brown 3M, and George S. Kurland 2M.

In the Law School: Dwight D. Taylor Jr. 1L. Wheeler Smith 1L, Howard K. Hoddick 30, Walter Glass, and Lawrence F. Ebb 2L.

In the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: Alan J. Ansen 1G, David Kaufman 3G, Michael Yatron, Arthur G. Kogan 2G, Reinhold S. Schumann 1G, Walter F. Stettner 3G, and Walter A. Kaufman 1G.

In the Dental School: Ashod A. Emirzian 3Dn.