Masaryk Will Lecture Here

Under the auspices of American Defense-Harvard Group, Jan Masaryk, minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czechoslovak Government in London, and Jan Papaneck, minister plenipotentiary, will speak at 8 o'clock tomorrow night in the Winthrop House Common Room on the subject "The Central European Problem."

Visiting the United States for the first time in 1907, Masaryk lived in various cities, among them Boston and New York. He remained in this country until 1913, acquiring his knowledge of our language and our social and political system.

For the larger part of the year 1939 Masaryk lectured at various colleges and universities in this country. He returned to London and with the outbreak of war he inaugurated a series of Czechoslovak broadcasts.

Again returning to this country in 1940, Masaryk received news that he had been named Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czechoslovak Government in London of which Dr. Eduard Benes is president.