Anthropology Judged Easy, Interesting Concentration

Although lacking in professional opportunities except for the very best students, Anthropology is one of the most interesting fields in College. For the man who is after a liberal education it serves somewhat the same purpose as the Area of Social Sciences, from a slightly more scientific viewpoint.

Hooton dominates the Department, is noted for his wit and his ability as a teacher, and is highly respected in his field. In course A. required of all concentrators, his ability as a vaudeville comedian is proverbial, as is his knack for putting across solid material with an interesting touch. He is also liked in the physical courses, 2 and 22, where he is probably the foremost authority in the country. Although top notch in physical anthropology, Hooton is unpopular in 4a, his only course in the social half of the field. Coon, in 4b, is considered far superior.

Coon Is Tops

Coon is universally regarded as an A-1 teacher; he has sparkle, humor, and a thorough grasp of his broad field. His courses on American, European, Asia, Africa, and Oceania are consistently first-rate, and show a careful selection of only the best material. His sole fault seems to be a sometimes hazy organization. Unfortunately, Coon may not be here next year, although he will probably be back the year following.

Tozzier, on the culture of the primitive people, is considered weak on both material and delivery, and his courses are not recommended. Kluckhohn is better. In 6, on the Navaho, he is very complete and is a first hand authority. Opinions on his course on language vary from distinctly malodorous to one of the best in the University. Ward is a little dull, but his material is interesting and solid.

The tutorial is excellent, forming a firm ground work for a general education and a scientific view of man and his customs. Ward and Kidder both give sound preparation for the divisionals. The former, however, tends to do all the talking at conferences, and the latter is somewhat over-specialized. Coon lets his tutees get away with murder. A general fault is that most of the tutors attempt to force their own inter fests upon tutees as regards thesis topics.

The prevalent opinion that Anthropology is a snap field seems to be well founded, unless you are going out for honors.