Fay Lectures on Peace Planning at Forum of Council

Committees Report Results Of Last Winter's Activities

Problems confronting the establishment of a community of nations, was the topic discussed at the meeting of the Council on Post-War Problems in the Kirkland House Common Room last night. Sidney B. Fay '96, professor of History, acted as commentator and advisor, interspersing his views on the post-war situation.

The program consisted mainly of the reports by the chairmen of the four committees which comprise the Council. The reports were designed to present the general material that will be included in the final report to the Council as a whole.

Committees Outline Principles

Each committee chairman discussed the application of the broad principles of post-war planning to his particular field. The meeting, under the direction of John W. Ballantine '42, began with the report of Howard D. Sharpe '43, chairman of the Committee on International Political Relations, who discussed the League of Nations as compared to regional groups, and the problem of what should be the transitional and ultimate form of post-war political organization.

The reports of the Committee on International Economic Relations, the Committee on World Ideologies, and the Committee on Domestic Problems completed the program.