Matters Heads Juniors, Burditt Leads '44 in Council Elections

Representation Will Be Completed Today With Appointment Of Additional Eight

Thomas Matters '43 of Lowell House and Great Neck, New York, and George M. Burditt, Jr. '44, of Winthrop House and LaGrange, Illinois, led their respective classes in the elections for the 1942-43 Student Council, last night's tabulations of the votes revealed.

Matters had a lead of 26 over the runner-up, Donald Forte of Adams House and Waban. Third man was Darcy Curwen, who lives in Winthrop House, and makes his home in Exeter New Hampshire, while F. Barton Harvey, Jr., of Mount Auburn Street and Baltimore, Maryland, took fourth with 182 tallies. Only nine votes behind was Donald E. McNicol, who hails from Adams House and Flushing, N. Y., John W. Sullivan, Jr. of Adams House and Caribou, Me., was sixth with 170.

Burditt piled up a 36 vote lead over Hugh M. Hyde of Adams House and Far Hills, N. J., second ranking man. John D. Eusden took third with 160. He comes from Newton, and lives in Winthrop House.

Missing election by nine votes was John Richardson, Jr. '43, who was in seventh place. The other Juniors, and their votes, were: Robert G. Axtell, 153; John W. Morgan, 149; Richard P. Glifford, 135; William McN. Rand, Jr., 124; Paul C. Sheeline, 117; Adams Yarmolinsky, 114; Dana Reed, 112; George R. Clay, 111; David E. Place, 109; Chester W. Jenks, Jr., 102; J. Elden Sawhill, Jr., 81; J. Donald MacKinnon, Jr., 70; Charles S. Borden, 56.

The next four Sophomores were: E. Thayer Drake, 3rd, 154; Malcolm H. Brodrick, 107; Brooks N. Heath, 104; and John P. Kennedy, Jr., 101. Council Election Results CLASS OF '43 Thomas Matters  254 Donald Forte  228 Darcy Curwen  192 F. Barton Harvey, Jr.  182 Donald E. McNicol  173 John W. Sullivan  170 CLASS OF '44 George M. Burditt Jr.  204 Hugh M. Hyde  168 John D. Eusden  160