Radical changes in the V-1 and V-7 programs affecting the Class of 1944 and students who leave College before finishing their work for a degree were revealed yesterday by the Navy Department.

Simultaneous with making these announcements, Eliott Perkins '24, Harvard head of V-1, suggested that the opportunity for obtaining a commission under V-1 "looks better than it did." He explained that while only 35,000 of the 80,000 to be enrolled will become officers, the competition will be cut down by the large percentage of boys who annually drop cut of college after one year.

Most important of the Navy's additional plans is the extension of recruiting for V-7, which closes today, to members of '44 over 20 years of age. Previously the V-7 program only included Juniors and Seniors and V-1 only Freshmen and Sophomores between 17 and 20.

350 Sophomores Can Enlist

This arrangement left the present 350 Sophomores over 20 without an opening in either of these groups. Now they will be able to enlist in V-7 after the conclusion of this year.

Second alteration, however, in the Navy's program is the allowing of members of V-1 who either fail to pass the officers exam next March or flunk out of college to enter V-5. Men in these categories must pass physical and intelligence tests and then will be sent to aviation training centers.