Will Publicize Activities At Time of Registration

Struck by the lack of information among undergraduates concerning its activities, the Student Council has decided to correct this deficiency by distributing more adequate data at the time when financial pledges to the Council are collected on Registration Day.

Exactly whether this new data will be mailed out before, or be given to students on or after, Registration Day has not yet been decided. Headed by John Richardson '43, a committee has been set up to deal with the problem.

Freshmen to Be Integrated

According to Thomas Matters '43, president of the Student Council, one of the most pressing problems now facing the College is how to help incoming Freshmen integrate themselves into University life this summer.

To solve this puzzle, it has been suggested that at least one night a week be set aside when all Freshmen can eat together in one of the House dining halls, in addition to a Freshman sports program being organized over and above all other intra-mural athletics. George A. Saxton '44 has been placed in charge of a committee to investigate Freshman affairs.