Donham Replaced by David As Head of Business School

Former Businessman Was Professor Here

Continuing the precedent of selecting a man of business background and administrative experience as head of the Business School, the University yesterday announced the appointment of Donald K. David, until recently president of the American Maize Products Co. and onetime Assistant Dean and Associate Professor at the Business School. He succeeds Professor Wallace B. Donham, whose resignation, announced last Monday, becomes effective July 1.

The new Dean, a graduate of the Business School and the University of Idaho, interrupted his post-graduate work in 1917 to serve with the United States Navy. He returned soon after the Armistice to complete his Business School, course with distinction in September, 1917.

Assisted Donham

Retiring Dean Donham, then just beginning his 23 year term as Dean at the behest of President Lowell, chose David as his first assistant. In that capacity and later as Associate Professor, Dean David cooperated with Dean Donham on the introduction of the case system, long used in the teaching of Law and Medicine, but a radical innovation for business schools, and one which has been imitated universally.

His other significant contribution to the development of the Business School was his part, in association with the late Bishop Lawrence, Dean Donham, and Professor Paul J. Sachs, in the successful offort to secure the funds which George F. Balker, Sr. eventually donated to establish the School on its present site. Additional work in connection with the Business School were his case book on "Retail Store Management" (1922), and "Problems in Retailing" on which he collaborated with Malcolm McNair.

Dean David's reputation in big business has been outstanding. In 1927 he became associated with the William Ziegler interests in New York as president of the Royal Baking Powder Company. He became president of the American Maize Products Company in 1932 and has been a trustee of the Bowery Savings Bank in New York.

In June of 1941 the new Dean returned to the University of Idaho to receive from his alma mater the honorary degree of LL.D. Several months later, Harvard announced his appointment as Associate Dean and William Ziegler Professor at the Business School, which took effect last February 1. Since that date Dean David has devoted most of his energies to these duties.

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