Elephant Firsts Beat Adams As Seconds Down Kirkland

For the third straight year, the crews of Eliot House swept the Charles in the finals of the House races held over a placid Henley in the basin yesterday afternoon. In the day's other trials, Frank Cunningham's Jayvee 150's upset the Varsity lightweights, and the Jayvee heavies reasserted their superiority over the third Varsity.

Professor Merriman's pride and joy, the first Eliots, otherwise known as the fourth Varsity, jumped to an early lead in their race and by the Mass. Avenue bridge stroke Gene Wulsin had his crew swinging behind him and a length of open water between him and the nearest opposition.

Blanket Finish

At the mile Winthrop hiked the stroke up, gained on Eliot, and edged into second place. At the finish, however, Adams nosed into second, half a length behind the fleeing Elephants and just a hair ahead of Winthrop. First place Eliot's time was 7:07, while fourth place Kirkland's was 7:10, blanket finish enough for any spectator.

Stroked by Crapo Bullard, the Eliot seconds raced to an easy three and one-half length win over second place Kirkland and Adams, who was third. The reserve Pachyderms picked up a slight edge at the start, but did most of their gaining in the last half mile.