Kirkland Wins Straus Trophy Again As Adams Takes Second, Lowell Third

Deacons Show Consistency, Will to Play Minor Sports

Even without the final results, it is clear that Kirkland has won the Straus trophy in Intramural Athletics hands down for the fifth straight year by a margin of 100 points over the nearest rival, Adams.

The Straus trophy, a large engraved coffee urn, has been in competition since 1931-32, and the only two Houses ever to hold it have been Kirkland and Lowell. For the past few years Lowell has usually been second in the running and has generally shown, next to Kirkland, the best spirit for turning out regularly for all teams.

Consistency is Key


Although Kirkland won no major sport throughout the year, and took firsts in swimming, volleyball, indoor baseball, track, and squash, the consistency with which the Kirkland teams have placed has secured them unquestioned leadership.

The Gold Coasters in second spot just barely nosed out Lowell by 35 points in one of the several tight squeezes of the rivalry. In football last fall Adams took the lead, and gained most of their points there, while Lowell took the basketball title last winter. Winthrop, despite its excellent record in the major sports, and its lead in hockey, fell down in its minor sports showing and could only make fourth place.


Leverett, Eliot Close

Closest battle of the year has been between Leverett and Eliot for fifth position, and the two competitors now stand with only 15 points between them. Leverett did not win any major sports, but has been fairly consistent in its minor showing, while Eliot enjoyed a brilliant crew season, but has picked up few other points.

Dudley, in seventh, made its best showing in baseball, while Dunster with only the touch football title in its possession, retained its traditional indifference towards sports and settled down in last place. Although complete tabulations are not yet in, the Deacons' lead is too large to be overtaken, and Kirkland is preparing for its big sports dinner tonight along with the annual presentation of the Straus Trophy.

Against the Yale colleges this has been a banner year. The Yale colleges, like the Harvard Houses, compete for an intramural cup known as the Harkness Trophy. Adams defeated the Elis in football last fall, while Dunster did the honors in touch football. In winter sports Lowell defeated the Bulldogs in basketball, Kirkland won in swimming, Winthrop in hockey, while the Elis won against Kirkland in squash.