Sports of the Crimson

Freshman Crew

The present undefeated Freshman crew comes at a time when it will be deeply appreciated, for without it, Harvard's immediate rowing future would be clouded with uncertainty.

Faced not only with the loss of all his Seniors, but also of most of his Juniors, Tom Bolles will have to count heavily on the classes of 1944 and 1945 for next spring. And this year's Sophomores, with only two men in the top two boats, and a record of only one race won as Freshmen, present pretty slim pickings.

But there has been only one crew capable of defeating the Yardlings, and then not without a battle, and that boat is the Varsity, universally acknowledge as the best in the East, so that it looks as though there should be plenty of high calibre material available for next spring's campaigns.


At present the Freshmen are seated with Johnny Pierce, cox; Schultz Wood, stroke; Bim Chanler, 7; Stew Clark, 6; Gus Merwin, 5; Bob Stone, 4; Bon White, 3; Charley Brown, 2; and Jack Potter, bow.

Nobles Monopolizes Captains


Wood captains the boat, thus forming with Ted Lyman of the Varsity and Bobby Lincoln of the 150's a complete monopoly of Nobles crew captains. Incidentally, Johnny Pierce, after coxing a little, turned his attention to managing baseball during his last couple of years at Nobles.

Half of the oarsmen picked up their first knowledge of rowing from Coach Love, and such a large proportion of "inexperienced" men is quite out of the ordinary. Clark, Stone, and Potter all came from Milton, where crew is unknown, and Merwin matriculated from Scarsdale High to Harvard, where he gained his first experience with a sweep.

Love hit upon his present combination during the week before the Rowe Cup and since then has found no reason for shifting further.