Gaus of Wisconsin to Head City Planning Department

Announcing the opening of the new Department of Regional and City Planning at the Graduate School of Design, Dean Hudnut asserted yesterday that the planning of cities is "not only a matter of physical design, but also rooted deeply in social and political life." Head of the new department will be John M. Gaus, professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin.

Very able technicians in the design and planning of a city are already available, Hudnut pointed out, but the new curriculum will have a central core of the theory and practice of city design, which will be integrated with a study of political, economic, and social factors.

Centralized Control

In the past many students of design have taken courses in Government or Economics under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, but the new department centralized under the control of Professor Gaus, will endeavour to tie all these subjects into the graduate courses of regional design. The student of planning can no longer be a mere theorist, he must now be trained in government and administration.

Professor Gaus, an Amherst graduate, took his Ph.D. at Harvard in 1924, and has taught at Amherst and University of Minnesota. He has long been an interested worker in problems of civic improvement, and has lived in the South Boston House.

In addition to teaching Political Science and writing many books on the subject, Professor Gaus has served as planning advisor to the TVA, the New York Reconstruction Committee, the War Labor Politics Board and the National Regional Planning Board.

In addition to heading the new department at the School of Design, Professor Gaus will give a course next fall, Government 36, in "Introduction to Public Administration."