Pacifist Hall Gets 2 Year Jail Term

Sophomore Did Not Sign Up For Draft on Moral Grounds

Thomas C. Hall '44, the conscientious objector who left College in order not to register under the Selective Service Act, has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by Judge Goddard of U. S. District Court in New York.

Believing that war is "the inevitable reward for bad actions in a moral universe," Hall, a scholarship and Group II student, refused to register for the draft on February 16 because of his conviction that "it was set up avowedly to facilitate the formation of an armed force trained for the infliction of human suffering."

Since leaving his Lowell House residence, Hall has been working in New York. He visited Cambridge last week and the news of his sentence was just received yesterday. He objected to war on intellectual, religious, and humanitarian bases, stressing his point of view that "it is really the military-minded person who is the objector--an objector to naturalness, peaceful and simple living."