Jinx Falkenburg And Beatrice Kay To Entertain 1000 At Yardling Celebration

Heading what the Smoker Committee describes as "the greatest cast of assorted entertainers ever assembled on this side of the Charles," Jinx Falkenburg and Beatrice Kay will speak tonight to a crowd of approximately 1000 at the annual Freshman affair. Well aware of last year's abduction of Sally Rand, which came close to throwing the Class of '44 into a panic, the Committee asserted that all precautions have been taken to prevent a repetition, and expressed confidence that all would-be abductors will meet "sudden death."

The glamorous Miss Kay, who is reputed to possess Broadway's most dazzling legs, will be the first perform from the evening's heterogeneous conglomeration of the theatrical world. The songstress will do several numbers in her well-known "Bicycle Built for Two" style. Later in the evening the Jones Brothers will supply contrast to this gay nineties revival with a jam session for those who like to stomp and shout while they listen.

Mimic to Perform

Most novel of the evening's performers will be Arthur Blake, mimic of White House fame, who scored hits in two command performances before the President and First Lady. It is expected that Blake will contort the Freshmen with his popular impersonation of Mrs. Roosevelt, which, the nation's press reported, was very well received on Capitol Hill.

With his repertoire of rapid-fire gags, Jerry Lester, next on the program, will bring the Yardlings some of the humor that has amused radio audiences for years. Smokes and refreshments will appear on the scene after the last chuckle has died away, '45 appetites being appeased by beer, soft drinks, pretzels, crackers, and cigarettes.

If everything goes according to plan, the show will begin at 8:30 o'clock and take approximately three and a half hours, ending in the vicinity of midnight. The exact time of termination cannot be determined because in previous years the end of the Smoker has often been the occasion for a riot. Before the end of the Smoker night last year, it took a host of proctors, Yard cops, and Cambridge police to break up an attempted repetition of the legendary 1937 Spring "Putsch" on Radcliffe.