President Greets Cambridge England on Station WRUL

Students in Cambridge University, England, heard yesterday a fifteen minute broadcast put on by the Crimson Network over Boston's WRUL and listened to a short greeting from President Conant in which he pledged the full cooperation of this University in the war effort.

Heard by means of transcription, President Conant concluded the program with the words: "The two universities stand side by side, proudly, as comrades in arms. Each of us is determined that there shall be no slackening of our effort until final victory is won.

"We admire," President Conant stated, "the fortitude with which you continued the battle for freedom in dark days of peril, when as a nation you stood alone.

Keynoted by the recording of a passage from President Conant's December 8 speech, the broadcast was a dramatization illustrating student activity in preparing both mentally and physically for active service. It was written and directed by Harold C. Fleming '44 and Robert S. Kieve '43.

A cable sent to the Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University and signed by President Conant reminded those at the English University of the program, which was heard in England at 11 o'clock Greenwich Meridian Time.