Hanford Announces Athletic Reduction

Acting upon recent recommendation of the Student Council; that in the case of seniors out for honors, especially those graduating in September, the number of required exercise periods be reduced, Dean Hanford has announced that any senior who is a candidate for honors in September will be required to take compulsory exercise only twice a week.

"This eliminates the immediate problem for seniors who have been overburdened with work," said Thomas Matters '43, president of the Council. He stated further that the Council had previously voted down a proposal to cut the exercise periods for all men to three per week.

Seniors Have Heavy Work

In its report on extra-curricular activities during the summer term, the Student Council had claimed that "many of the seniors were complaining that it was impossible to keep up with courses, tutorial, and thesis writing under the present rule and because exceptions to the rule were hard to obtain from the Dean's Office."

Under the new ruling the Dean's Office "will be glad to reduce to two periods a week the required exercise of any Senior planning to graduate in September who...cannot make room in his program for the regular four hours of exercise."

While admitting that the immediate problem was solved by this action, Matters stressed the fact that the Council is working on a report of extra-curricular activities in wartime, and in this report the entire question will be more fully treated.