Crimson Nine Bows in 9th

7 to 8 Loss Mars Phelan's Third Start

It was not the brilliance of the boys from Westover Field, but a ninth inning error and some very sloppy fielding on the Crimson that turned victory into defeat at twilight yesterday and made it a sad day for Stahhmen, to the tune of 7-8.

The ninth inning opened with Harvard out in front with a safe 7-3 lead, when Stuka for Westover, knocked one out with the bases loaded. Jim Gallagher on third threw a wild one over Bill Fitz's head at first and the blitz was on, with the soldiers gaining three runs on this error to tie the score for the game at 7-all.

Stuka Ends All

It was Stuka again who provided the demise for the Crimson by stealing home and putting the soldiers in the lead, winning the game. Three of Harvard's brightest stars, Gallagher, Vin Leahy, and Ned Fitzgibbons, had been busy and could not show up for the game until the sixth inning, which may have helped to keep the team behind.

Brightest moment of an otherwise gloomy day was the sixth inning, which saw the only homer of the day driven in by Fitzgibbons, center fielder, who brought in Barnes to bring the score to 4-3. There more runs in the seventh made the total runs for the day on the Crimson side.

Honors for pitching what nearly proved to be the first victory in three starts, went largely to Jim Phelan, who had the boys in khaki guessing for nine innings when the total collapse of the Harvard when the total collapse of the Harvard infield ended the Crimson defense.