Larger Issue Will Cover Both Classes

The accelerated program has invaded one of the last strongholds of tradition with the announcement Monday night by the Album Committee that men of the Junior Class will have their pictures and biographies alongside the Seniors' in the 1943 Harvard Album.

The committee arrived at this departure as the only solution to the unique situation whereby most of the Class of 1944 will graduate in June 1943 and almost all of '43 will finish by mid-years.

Giving equal space to the Seniors and Juniors, the book will not mean subordination of one class to the other, and will treat House sections, activities, and sports in the light of the College as a whole.

Album Will Be Larger

Under this new plan, the Album, already largest in overall size in the country, will increase from 300 to about 400 pages, at the same price of $8.50. The possibility also remains that with greatly increased circulation a price reduction will be feasible.

New members of the Class of '44 will soon join Juniors already on the staff. Initiating this policy of equalizing class representation, a meeting of candidates for the position of Junior Circulation Manager will be held next week.

A subscription campaign, off to an early start since the book is to be published in January, will soon begin in the Houses. Simultaneously Juniors will have an opportunity to fill out their biography blanks, in addition to Seniors who have been tardy with their blanks.