Jam Caused by Large Naval Group in Yard

Residents of the Houses will receive letters within the next few days from their House Masters announcing the necessity of a certain amount of doubling up in each House. Although the procedure will very, the capacity of approximately 60 rooms in each House will be increased in September.

Excessive overcrowding of the Houses has resulted from the influx of unanticipated numbers of Naval students in the Yard. This has made it impossible for the Houses to absorb any Freshmen entering in September.

Houses Already Jammed

Dean Hanford's statement of last Monday revealed that all Freshmen now living in the Houses would remain there. At present the Houses are jammed full with undergraduates. The return in the fall of additional upperclassmen will created a serious housing problem.

To alleviate this situation each House Master is arranging to extend the capacity of the necessary number of rooms. Letters now being sent out ask the student to return a postcard stating how long he expects to retain his suite.


Different Methods Used

Since the matter is being worked out by each House individually, the various House Masters have developed different methods of organizing the plan. Lowell house members, for example, will receive a general letter stating that adjustments will have to be made; while the Windrow House men who already been selected for doubling-up will be notified of the fact.

All Masters, however, are allowing students some freedom of choice, especially in offering them the opportunity to nominate their additional roommate. It was pointed out that the plan will enable all doubling-up students to benefit from substantial reductions in rent rates.

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