'45, '46 Leaders in Last Summer Meet

The next best thing to a dual intercollegiate track meet will be in store for the track team on Sunday when 23 members of the squad participate in the New England Championships of the A.A.U. at Stone Park, Dedham. This will be the last scheduled event of the summer for the hard-working Mikkolamen and has served as a focal point throughout the whole season.

By far the largest part of the Crimson participants are sophomores or Freshmen, and the names of the old guard, with few exceptions, are absent. Thus the meet should be a good indication of things to come for the team next spring when the heat is really put on, for the men who will run on Sunday will make up the backbone of next year's squad.

Potentialities in the 100

Looking over the entries for the 100, the name of Frank Coolidge is perhaps foremost. Coolidge has been a consistent 10 second man, with low time of 9.8 seconds, and from his record last spring the experts are already ranking him with Doug Pirnie of the Class of '43 as one of the best Harvard sprinters of all time.

Potentially strong, Moe Young has not yet competed officially for Harvard. Wes Flint was one of the best Freshmen hurdlers this spring, and has shown fairly good time in the dash so far this summer. Freshman John McCoubrey, captain of this spring's Exeter track team, won the 100 in the July intramural meet, and '46ers Henry Allard and Eric West are also entered for this event.

With the exception of McCoubrey, all the men entering the 100 are also running the 220. Junior Bill Bingham, a strong runner who has not yet had a chance to compete for Harvard, will also be entered in this event.

Personalities in the 440

Best bet for the 440 is probably Ted Winthington, captain of this spring's Freshman team, and one of the best Crimson middle distance men. '46er Jim Wheeder ran close to 50 seconds in a meet against Milton last Spring but still runs too tight, and Arnold Ederman, who broke into the Boston papers with his sensational win in the Newton Y.M.C.A. meet early in the summer, may not be able to run on Sunday because of a bad knoe.

Entries in the 880 are all pretty equal. Max Pincus and Henry Mason have good records behind them on the Freshman team this spring and Herby Pratt is considered by some as one of the top new Freshman runners. Miler Archie Lyon took second in the Yale meet this spring and is going to run in the mile event at Dedham.

Last of the running events is the three mile race. Junior Tim Coggeshall was a good cross country man last fall, but was hampered by illness in the winter and spring. Bob Kent, a senior, has been a steady runner, with a fifth in the two race in the Heps. Norm Murch, Joe McAndrews, and Hans Hachman complete the roster for this race.

Joe Ray, Bob Schneider, and Bob Hopkins are all slated to take part in the high jump, but little information is available about their past records. McCoubrey will repeat in the broad jump, and is Harvard's white hope in this event. Sophomore Wheeler will have a job to fill when he enters the shot put Sunday, but his record of a consistent second to Pete Garland all spring, and of a second in the Yale meet should remove all doubt.

The competition which these men will face on Sunday is totally unknown, but the results will indicate a great deal to track coach Jaakko Mikkola.